Finding Time for Social Media Marketing

Every morning you look at your planner and you see a loooongg day ahead.  You have to meet with your staff to discuss housekeeping items, then you have to prep your management on the latest promotion, then – oh no, didn’t John just quit? Now you have to start the process of recruiting a replacement, then you have to make sure payroll is done so your employees get paid on time.

Oh and you promised a customer you would follow up on yesterday’s issue.  And that reminds you, you should work on the sale associates customer service. Now, there’s also product quality that you have to address – you’ve been meaning to get to that but there’s also book keeping that you’re behind on and….

Small business owners wear many hats.  They are the superheroes of the business world because they do it all – they have to! So if all you’re time is spent doing the important and necessary things that need to get done to keep your business afloat, when and where during your day does marketing fit in?

Hard to answer.  I know.  And brace yourself – I’m about to say something you might not like…

You HAVE to make the time.

Ugh- I’ve lost you already, haven’t I? You’re over there rolling your eyes and about to close the screen. Ok, wait – give me a second to explain:

I know time doesn’t come easy (I work full time, run a side hustle AND I’m a single mom – trust me, I get it!), but it must be done.  They say, you have to spend money to make money – but today’s entrepreneurs know that you have to SPEND TIME to make money, too!

When it comes to marketing, especially social media marketing – yes, it takes time – but most of the time should be spent at the beginning of it all.  Carve out the time to plan so that when it’s time to do the work – you’re ready!

So for example: you want to post on social consistently for 30 days.  Great!  Spend about 30 minutes on Friday night (ugh – I know on a Friday night!  But trust me, your business deserves it) doing some research of what themes you will post about.  Or on your drive home, use the voice functionality on your phone to brainstorm some possible themes.

Then, spend an hour on Saturday putting together topics to post about for each theme.  Then spend another hour or two on Sunday writing out your posts and planning out when you will post what and how often you will post throughout the month.  Come Monday – you are ready to roll for the next 30 days.

The point is, if you make some time during one or two days to plan accordingly for social media, the process of posting and engaging on social throughout the month will take you 10 minutes here, another 10 minutes there.

Before you know it, you will be making marketing and social media marketing a regular habit within your monthly schedule and it’ll be like you never said “oh, I wish I could do social media, I just don’t have time for it.” Don’t worry – I’ll pretend you never said that!  😉