How to Create an Easy and Effective Social Media Strategy

Remember when social media was first introduced to the masses?  At that time, it was only Facebook and it was this amazing place where you could connect with long lost friends, see what their up to, and show the world your avocado toast.  Now, in addition to Facebook, there’s Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn – all with ads bombarding our newsfeed trying to get us to click here, or click there.

I know. Social media can be a very overwhelming place for your personal accounts, let alone trying to grow your business within it.

There is so much competition, so many platforms, so much advanced technology and features.  Not to mention, as a small business owner, you wear many hats as it is.  You know you should be on social media, but unfortunately, the time is just not there.

The truth is, if you mute all the noise, social media still serves the same purpose as it did on day one – and the only purpose you, as a business owner, should focus on. At the core of it all, these platforms are still used to connect people, near and far.

So, as you try to reevaluate your social media strategy or if you’re starting on social today – take it back to the basics with these 5 tips to make your social media marketing easy and effective:

1. Don’t over promote.
Let’s be honest – you don’t go on social media hoping to see lots and lots of ads, do you? I didn’t think so – neither do I.  So don’t fill your profile with promotions of your products or service. If you don’t want to see that within other company accounts you follow – neither do your followers.

2. Share what you’re comfortable with.  
Instead of over promoting your products or service, share more personal stories with your followers – but be aware of what you’re comfortable sharing.  You don’t have to share selfies or pictures of your children – but maybe show something that inspires you to make the product you offer or share a great book that inspired you to create the service your business has. Show them the heart of your brand and they’ll return the engagement.

3. Be giving.
If someone decides to follow you – it’s because they are expecting something from you, so be giving.  Give your followers content that is true to your brand, but yet adds value to their life.

4. Draw others into the conversation.
Like I said above, at the core of it all, social media is a place for people to connect – so draw them into the conversation.  Ask questions within your post or respond to their comments with additional questions – engage them in the conversation and find some common ground.

5. Be consistent.
Building a quality following within social media takes time – and that following depends on you to be consistent.  You might see your followers number go up and down often and that’s ok, but don’t worry. Know that you’re true followers are there and they are paying attention – so be consistent in your posting frequency and know that it’s quality over quantity.

There’s no reason to have a big, complex social media strategy – especially if you’re just starting out.  Just keep it simple and keep showing up every day – that’s what will grow your presence.